Charlotte, NC

Demetrai L. Johnson


Deme J Photots


Photography allows me to be me. I enjoy the freedom of capturing the beautiful imagery of God’s creations, whether it’s nature, portraits, or events.     


 “I am myself, Myself is me, I am who I am, I am Demetrai” 

 "I am Me”   

 Deme J originates from the founder’s name, Demetrai Johnson.  Despite others who encouraged her to fit their mold of who she should be, Deme J preferred to be herself and she loves it! After many years of hearing people tell her what she should and should not do, she finally decided to go her own way. 

While working to get her bachelor’s degree in Television Productions, Demetrai became interested in photography. She started off shooting nature and events using film cameras. In 2012, Demetrai transitioned into digital photography. Learning to use digital cameras made photography even more intriguing. She enjoyed the peace of mind and freedom that came along with being a photographer. 


 Deme J has the eye for photography. She knows a good picture before it becomes one.      


 “Images From Within God's Creation “     

Nature is Deme J's favorite thing to photograph. She enjoys the peace she receives, the sounds she hears, and the excitement she feels while exploring the different aspects of nature from the smallest creatures on the ground to the clouds in the sky.  Admiring the different images that are formed by clouds is how Deme J came up with the name "Images From Within God’s Creations". It reminds her that we all are an image of God's creation.    



When shooting portraits of people, Deme J loves to see them being themselves in the most respectful way; this includes taking candid shots as well. She also photographs pets.    


Deme J enjoys taking photos of events. From the expressions on people’s faces as they engage with one another to the details found in the decor, she will capture it all! She truly believes every photo tell its own story.