Charlotte, NC

Demetrai L. Johnson



I am myself, 

Myself is me, 

I am who I am,

I am Demetrai!

About Deme J

Demetrai L. Johnson - Deme J

Deme J originates from the founder’s name, Demetrai Johnson.  

Demetrai L. Johnson, a native of Charlotte, is the middle child on both sides of her family. She graduated from Johnson C. Smith University with a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Communications with the focus on Television Productions.


Demetrai has been blessed with the gift of multiple talents. She is a poet, lyricist, photographer, a local actress, and more. She enjoys singing, acting, working in front as well as behind cameras, Photography, and helping others.  


Deme J Expressions/Deme J Photos

Deme J is the founder of Deme J Expressions and Deme J Photos. 

Deme J Expressions 

Deme J expresses her thoughts and feelings through writing. 

She writes poetry, lyrics, and about whatever inspires her.       

Deme J is the author of the book "My Spiritual Thoughts & Words of Remembrance". 

Deme J Photos

In 2012, Demetrai transitioned into digital photography. Learning to use digital cameras made photography even more intriguing. She enjoyed the peace of mind and freedom that came along with being a photographer. 

Deme J has the eye for photography. She knows a good picture before it becomes one. 

Inspirational Words and Thoughts

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Words from the mind of Deme J, Scriptures from the Word of God, and Quotes. 

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Beautiful Imagery of God's Creations

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Images of nature, portraits, and events.